Charter Your Way to Bumbershoot

If you live in the Pacific Northwest then you have more than likely heard of Bumbershoot. If you haven’t heard of this festival now in it’s forty-fifth year then are you ever in for a treat. Bumbershoot is a music and art festival that takes place each year in Seattle, Washington. It showcases many acts including live music, dance, theatre, comedy, film and visual arts in a unique and diverse program that takes place this year from September 5-7th.

From author panels to discussions and from live podcasts to music from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Hozier, Brandon Flowers and Big Data to name just a few, this festival draws major crowds from around the country. They even have a dedicated kid zone, aptly named Youngershoot that is curated by the Seattle Children’s Museum and includes interactive programming, special performances and art experiences for those aged ten and under.

If you are planning to attend Bumbershoot this year and don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, why not look into chartering a private jet to get you there in style? Charters are well known for their convenience, can land at smaller private airports and let you avoid the security lines and scheduling of commercial flights. They also offer plenty of leg, shoulder and head room in their cabins and have seating that can be reconfigured to suit your needs.

Need to catch up on work on the go? No problem, as many charter jets have plenty of room for conferences and tables large enough to get all of your work done en route. Satellites are used for easy communication, and they also come with plenty of entertainment options, plenty of baggage space and stocked galleys so you arrive fed, happy and refreshed.

Seattle is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year but if you are planning a trip to make a mark on the end of summer, Labor Day weekend and the Bumbershoot Festival are a great option. Sure, lots of major carriers do daily flights to Seattle but for ease and convenience getting there on your terms and on your schedule just can’t be beat.

Look into chartering a jet for your next vacation. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find, as chartering isn’t as expensive as you may have thought, although it offers you all the amenities that you deserve, including some you just may not expect!