Charter Your Way to Martha’s Vineyard

Perhaps one of the most famous destinations in the United States in which to ‘summer’, Martha’s Vineyard has it all; glorious beaches, spectacular accommodations, plenty to see and do and a relaxing laid back attitude that compliments scarce holiday time beautifully.

Martha’s Vineyard is an island, one of the largest on the Eastern Seaboard that does not have a tunnel or bridge that connects it with the mainland. It sits south of Cape Cod off the coast of the lovely Massachusetts, and packs a lot into her 100 square miles.

Many people get to Martha’s Vineyard via one of the many ferries that run day in and day out in the summer months, but why bother with the ferry when you can arrive on the island in style in your chartered jet? While the airport boasts connecting commercial flights to many of the major cities across the country, chartering in allows you all the amenities without all of the hassle. Because so many people prefer to leave their car at home, the island is full of tourists and locals alike who have gone off the beaten path so to speak and use bicycles and mopeds to get around. Enjoy the fresh air and ocean scents as you pedal to the pristine beaches or go and tour one of the many lighthouses and you won’t even miss your car, or the ferry that you could have come in on.

Martha’s Vineyard isn’t one of those vacation spots where the party is continually on the streets; instead most social events take place within the privacy of residences leaving the little villages to come alive through their shops and boutiques, museums and places of interest. Picturesque towns and villages, stately homes and estates and of course the pristine beaches all make Martha’s Vineyard the place to summer, to be seen and to see all the beauty it possesses; it is no wonder so many celebrities choose it year after year for their quiet, reflective getaways.

Once you have chartered to the island, sit back and relax or take to the meandering streets and explore the old whaling heritage, check out the Oak Bluff village that boasts the world’s oldest carousel, or take to the cliffs for stunning ocean views. The beautiful harbour comes alive with colourful boats and yachts, beckoning you to a sea adventure, or explore the Gay Head Lighthouse, a real working structure that gives you unsurpassable views for miles. Whatever adventure awaits in Martha’s Vineyard, the knowledge you are fully on your schedule will leave you feeling you have all the time in the world.