Things To See Traveling The US

As summer tours hit their high, and the approaching doom of school and work sits ahead, you may decide to get in a couple quick end trips. Far off locations like Stonehenge in England or The Eiffel Tower in France are usually the first places people think of when they want to do great sightseeing. Not so easy if you live in the U.S. and only have a few days to plan. Believe it or not, right here in the United States you can locate some of the most beautiful natural and man-made attractions in the entire globe. Whether you want to take a car, charter a private jet rental or fly somewhere commercially, you will find some of the most amazing, historic, protected lands and attractions just a few hours away.

When it comes to natural parks and attractions, the United States has some of the most awe-inspiring spots to see. The amazing Niagara Falls is just a quick visit up to the Canadian border. A 167-foot waterfall that pushes 750,000 gallons of water per second is one of the most spectacular sights to be seen. Another beautiful nature adventure as well as a historic place is Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. Done in 1941, it is the largest sculpture of its kind of America’s four most inspiring presidents. Just south of the Sierra Nevada Mountains you will find Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. The parks are home to miles of gigantic sequoia trees. You can see some of the broadest and oldest living trees in the world, which are as big as 26 story buildings and larger than a city street.

If sites and monuments are more your thing, the U.S. is easily one of the greatest places to find them. People travel from all over the world to see sites that are right in your area. Two of the most popular destinations in the world, The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty, are in one area alone. A tour to Northern California will have you seeing the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. Built in 1937, it sits 1.7 miles above the San Francisco Bay. An important spot for any visitor is the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. This 555 foot site was made in honor of the country’s first president, and the place of some of the most famous and historic happenings in our country’s time.

Whether you decide to rent a jet streamer, fly private aircraft charter, or hop on a bike, you will see the most amazing attractions without having to go far from home. Historic attractions and beautiful land is waiting to be seen right in your own backyard. Do not let the last days of summer get you down. Make the daily grind worthwhile and plan a quick weekend trip and see something inspiring.